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David Stern Vows To Support Sacramento Kings' Arena Quest, Sends Top Deputies To Help

David Stern announced Monday that he will send some of the NBA top staff to Sacramento to help the city plan, fund and build a new arena for the Kings after the franchise-owning Maloof family committed to playing in California's capital next season. Stern said that the NBA's executive vice president of marketing Chris Granger and senior PR adviser Brian McIntyre will be among nine NBA staffers on the ground in Sacramento to help the Maloofs, the city and businesses get an arena built.

Stern said an outpouring of support and forward movement in Sacramento over the past few months convinced the NBA the city was worth one more shot.

"If it turns out that we're wrong, we're wrong," he said.

The Maloofs announced their intentions to forego a relocation application to move the team to Anaheim on Monday after a grueling three-month flirtation. The Maloofs began talking to Anaheim in earnest when the NBA's last arena plan went down in flames in the fall of 2010. Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson is working on a feasibility study with local developer of note David Taylor and the ICON Group, who have been involved in several successful arena projects in the past.