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NBA Draft Combine Measurements: Kawhi Leonard Has Massive Hands

Player measurements from the 2011 NBA Draft Combine in Chicago leaked Friday; many find the cold analysis of body parts unseemly, but there's no denying how much interest the results draw. The biggest story out of the 2011 edition of the combine might be San Diego State forward Kawhi Leonard, who measured just 6'6 in socks, but had a great 7'3 wingspan and truly huge hands (9.8 inches long, 11.3 inches wide). No player at the combine had hands longer than Leonard; only center Greg Smith's hands were wider.

In basketball, hand size is a big indicator of success in rebounding, and plays a role in defense and ball-handling as well.

Leonard's biggest challenge in the workout season will be showing he has the skill level necessary to play small forward at the NBA level. But his measurements should help his reputation as a physical defender, something that he may have trouble getting across in the workout setting.