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Heat Vs. Bulls, Game 5: Omer Asik Injury Rules Big Man Out

The Bulls' season-long commitment to great defense made them the best team in the Eastern Conference in the regular season. But that fantastic defense was also predicated on a rotation of big men that included Omer Asik, and it will be without him in Game 5 in Chicago.

Our Bulls blog, Blog-a-Bull, says Asik is out for the season with a broken fibula, which he tried to play on in Game 4. Asik tallied just two minutes in Game 4, took no shots, and committed two fouls; his plus/minus for that short span was a staggering minus-nine.

So, no, that didn't really work for Chicago, but neither did playing Carlos Boozer for as long as Tom Thibodeau did; perhaps that means the Bulls will use Taj Gibson more in Game 5.

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