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LeBron James' Defense On MVP Derrick Rose Amazing In Miami Heat Series Win Over Chicago Bulls

One of the biggest factors in the Miami Heat's 4-1 Eastern Conference Finals win over the Chicago Bulls was the defense LeBron James (a 6'8 small forward) played on Derrick Rose (a 6'3 point guard, one of the league's quickest players, and the NBA MVP). LeBron took over Rose duty in critical moments, including entire fourth quarters. And the two-time MVP clearly shut down his successor.

But the level to which LeBron locked up Rose is still amazing, even for those who watched every second of the series. Via J.E. Skeets, ESPN's Stats and Info Department put together the data to show how incredible James' defense on Rose was in this series.

After going 0-for-5 from the floor with a turnover when guarded by LeBron James in Game 4, Derrick Rose struggled against him once again Thursday, going 1-for-10 with two turnovers in Game 5. Rose shot 6.3 percent from the floor in the series when defended by James, lowest among any player that defended him on five or more plays.

That's just unbelievable -- 1-15 for the MVP over two critical playoff games when defending by a player five inches taller and maybe 50 pounds heavier. There's a reason LeBron makes the All-Defense team every year, and while he'll continue to for the next several years. That's just unfair.

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