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Derrick Rose Injury Won't Keep Bulls' Star Out Of Game 2

Derrick Rose twisted his left ankle on the final possession of the Chicago Bulls' Game 1 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. It was the same ankle that turned in the Bulls' series against the Indiana Pacers. But just as the sprain didn't cost Rose any games against the Pacers, it won't cost him any games against the Hawks. Rose told reporters late Monday that he'll receive treatment for the ankle injury and play in Game 2 in Chicago on Wednesday.

If the ankle continues to bother Rose throughout the Bulls' playoff run, it'll hurt Chicago's already single-minded offense. The Bulls actually scored quite efficiently on Monday, but had remarkable trouble racking up points against a Pacers team only slightly better on the defensive end than Atlanta. The Bulls did well on Monday by hitting the offensive glass, shooting a solid clip and doing a fantastic job limiting turnovers -- turnover creation is one of the Hawks' biggest weaknesses. But turnover prevention relies on Rose's ball-handling and huge offensive role.

Rose shot 11-27 in Game 1, and didn't draw a single free throw.