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LeBron James Left Off Of Nine NBA MVP Ballots By Bitter (Or Dumb) Sportswriters

LeBron James finished third in NBA MVP voting, succumbing to Derrick Rose (the landslide winner) and, narrowly, Dwight Howard. This is a fair result, insomuch as you can accept Rose as the top choice.

But nine of the 120 voters -- there's a 121th "fan vote" in which one can only assume LeBron landed in the top-five -- left James off of their ballot completely. (This was first notated on Twitter by @PistonPowered.)

Ballots go five-deep. Nine sportswriters looked at LeBron's production, looked at the Miami Heat's record, looked at the Cleveland Cavaliers' record, looked at their own newspaper mugshot (handsome!), looked at the MVP ballot and ... left him off.

I cannot fathom nine of 120 sportswriters being that uninformed or dumb about basketball. So the only explanation is that these sportswriters just absurdly bitter about LeBron's decision to move to the Heat and broadcast his intentions on live television.

Of course, given that Blake Griffin earned a third-place vote for MVP, maybe I'm overrating the amount of thought that some sportswriters put into their ballots.