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LeBron James Hate Causes On-Air ESPN Spat To Boil Over

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Earth would be much more inhabitable if Skip Bayless would just Marty McFly himself already. The walking infection took his shrill M.O. to all-new levels on Monday, though, alleging that his co-worker, ESPN writer Chris Broussard (who broke the story that LeBron James would be signing with the Miami Heat last summer), has sold his "journalist soul" to get close to King James. (Which begs the question "What does Skip Bayless know about souls?")

Bayless already apologized -- he said on today's People Yelling on ESPN2 that he and Broussard talked for an hour on Monday night, which actually might be worse than the "sold your journalistic soul" allegation. But an apology isn't enough, and every time he opens his mouth, Bayless perfectly illustrates that while it's a great thing that ESPN hires excellent reporters like Broussard, it also employs scum like Skip. This is why ESPN will never fully win the hearts and minds of the new American sports fan: because its love for the Skip Baylesses drowns out all of the value.