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VIDEO: Andrew Bynum Ejected For Flagrant Foul On J.J. Barea

"And that is one of the biggest bush league things I've ever seen! That is TERRIBLE!" You will agree with Mike Tirico's assessment of the flagrant foul that got Andrew Bynum ejected from the Lakers' loss to the Mavericks in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

After J.J. Barea penetrates the Lakers defense, weaving by two purple jerseys, Bynum rotates into the lane and delivers a forearm shiver to Barea's side, sending him crashing to the floor. Bynum was given a flagrant foul and ejected from the game, and Tirico made mention of the possibility of suspension for next season.

After the jump, see Bynum's foul in GIF form.


There are fouls that look less vicious and malicious over time. I doubt this will be one of them.

Video via @blazersedge; GIF via @bubbaprog.

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