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VIDEO: Heat, Mavs Players Fight In Game 6 Of NBA Finals

The list of people you ought not fight may not be topped by men with Abraham Lincoln tattoos on their throats, but it should. DeShawn Stevenson, James Jones and Mario Chalmers were among the primary contestants in a massive shoving match that broke out after the Miami Heat darted on a 14-0 run in Game 6. Check the video (via @blazersedge) to try and sort this mess out for yourself:

Udonis Haslem, Stevenson and Juwan Howard earned technical fouls in all that. 

Since there was a time out on the floor, there aren't likely to be any mandatory suspensions for the players who came off the bench. If there were, Game 7 would have to be played by Pat Riley and Mark Cuban, and nobody everybody wants to see that.

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