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Heat Vs. Mavs, Game 6 Update: Chris Bosh Scoring As Dirk Nowitzki Arrives

The story from the first half of Game 6 has continued early in the second: one team goes on a wild tear, then the other counters. The Dallas Mavericks started the third quarter hot, rumbling to a seven-point lead, before the Miami Heat drew it back down to two points. And with about four minutes left in the third, Dallas leads 71-65.

Dirk Nowitzki has sort of started to sputter to life offensively, up to four-of-18 shooting after a hideous first half. He has 10 points, tying him with J.J. Barea and Shawn Marion behind Jason Terry among Dallas' leading scorers.

Chris Bosh is up to 16 points and five boards, missing just one field goal attempt all game.

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