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Heat Vs. Mavs, Game 6 Update: LeBron James, Miami Running Out Of Time

LeBron James and the 4th Quarter. Heading into Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks, it’s been the story of the series.

If things keep up, it will be the story of LeBron James’ pro career until he proves otherwise.

With 5 and half minutes remaining, the Heat still trail the Mavs by 7 and their chances are fading with every possession that James and his castmates don’t take over the game.

If you believe in the +/- stat, you’ll be horrified by James’ -21, the only Miami starter in the negative. He has 18 points and only four in the 4th quarter so far. That killer instinct we’ve all been waiting for refuses to show up and the team that seemed destined to win the NBA title this season is five minutes from falling short.

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