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LeBron James A Remarkable Minus-24 In Mavericks' Championship Win Over Heat

LeBron James led the Miami Heat in scoring in Game 6, a 105-95 loss to the Dallas Mavericks that settled the 2011 NBA Finals with a 4-2 Mavs victory. James shot 9-15 from the floor, hitting his first four shots and looking  as aggressive as ever.

But the Heat were almost inexplicably outscoured by 24 points in LeBron's 40 minutes on the floor. In the eight minutes with James on the bench, the Heat outscored the Mavericks by 14 points. Much of that damage was done by Eddie House as Heat coach Erik Spoelstra rested LeBron for an extended stretch in the second quarter; the rest included the delay caused by the scuffle between DeShawn Stevenson and Udonis Haslem. After the delay, Spoelstra kept James on the bench for a few more moments as Miami fought back from a nine-point deficit.

Plus-minus is a stat that suffers when looked at on a per-game basis, and LeBron has been among the league's best in plus-minus over the past five or so years. That said, it's a glaring number impossible to ignore, even if we can't quite figure out what it means.

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