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VIDEO: Mark Cuban Says Mavericks Fans 'Punked The S--t' Out Of Heat Crowd

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Mark Cuban, ebullient in victory and liberated from the shackles of his postseason-long muzzle, ripped off a marathon chat session with various segments of the press following the Dallas Mavericks' NBA Championship victory over the Miami Heat on Sunday. One of his stops was SportsCenter, where he yanked out a curse word on live TV and insulted tens of thousands of paying NBA fans. TBJ hips us to the video. Enjoy!

For the record, Cuban actually pulled this off on NBA TV before the SportsCenter appearance. He later become the first NBA team owner in memory to actually take part in the post-game press conference session; some of the media remained in the press room to hear from the famously brash owner. He shut down questions about the Heat quickly, saying that he could care less about why or how Miami failed. (For the record, he could also care less about the Lakers and Spurs.)

He also revealed that in 2007 when Kobe Bryant was on the trade block, Dirk Nowitzki came to Cuban and said that if the team needed to trade him to get Kobe, he'd understand. Cuban said he refused to include Nowitzki in any trade talks.