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Reggie Jackson Cancels All Remaining 2011 NBA Draft Workouts, According To Report

Boston College guard Reggie Jackson has cancelled all of his remaining workouts ahead of the 2011 NBA Draft, according to ESPN's Chad Ford. That would seem to indicate Jackson has a promise from a team he'd like to join. Jackson has been slated for the back third of the first round in the June 23 draft, with a chance of slipping to early in the second. Ford reports that the Miami Heat, who pick No. 31 thanks to the Michael Beasley trade a year ago, won't let Jackson slip by them.

Ford reports that the Chicago Bulls (No. 28 and 30), Indiana Pacers (No. 15), Charlotte Bobcats (No. 9, 19 and 39) and Portland Trail Blazers (No. 21) all had workouts scheduled with Jackson before the mass cancellation.

In addition to Ford's report on the interest from the Heat, previous rumors suggested that the Boston Celtics (No. 25) and New Jersey Nets (No. 27) had high interest in the point guard. Jackson averaged 18.2 points and 4.5 assists as a junior at B.C. last season, and is a solid deep shooter.