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NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks Interested In Moving Up For Bismack Biyombo

The New York Knicks are interested in trading up in the 2011 NBA Draft in a bid to land Congolese prospect Bismack Biyombo, according to Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress (via Posting And Toasting). The Knicks don't pick until No. 17 in the first round, and Biyombo isn't expected to escape the lottery (the first 14 picks). Givony notes that the Knicks may have to trade in the top-10 as the Golden State Warriors, who pick No. 11, are interested in Biyombo.

Even that may not be enough: Chad Ford reported early Saturday that the Toronto Raptors will work out Biyombo on Monday, and could take him up at No. 5. The Detroit Pistons will see Biyombo Tuesday, and could take him at No. 8 if he's still on the board. Biyombo is scheduled to visit the Knicks on Wednesday, one day before the draft in Newark, New Jersey.

Biyombo is an 18-year-old power forward-center who led the Spanish league in blocked shots this season despite comparatively limited playing time. But he's seen as an awfully raw offensive player.