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Miami Heat Dominating Highlight Reel, Is Still Somehow Losing

With three minutes remaining in the second quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat are making highlight reel play after highlight reel play. It's been so great that the announcers are straight up salivating. After LeBron James made a fantastic shot after getting fouled, Mark Jackson exclaimed, regarding the Dallas defense, "I don't understand what you're supposed to do." Jeff Van Gundy replied, simply, "lose."

But wait! The Heat are...losing? By NINE? Yes, the team who is dominating the highlight reel and who has the announcers completely kissing their feet is not only trailing, they're actually getting outplayed in basically every aspect of the game except for circus shots. They have 17 rebounds to Miami's 12 and 11 made free throws to Miami's zero. Yes, the Miami Heat have played 21 minutes of basketball and made zero free throws.

Highlight reel baskets don't do too much for teams who don't rebound or get to the free throw line.

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