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Dwyane Wade Still Dominating As Third Quarter Begins

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat have picked up exactly where they left off in at the end of the second quarter, starting the third quarter with the same energy as they have jumped out to a five point lead. Wade has been the catalyst for that, and he now has 23 points and five assist. The last two baskets were all about him, and both game in stunning fashion.

The second to last bucket was scored by Wade himself as he got out in transition, absolutely embarrassed Dirk Nowitzki as he blew by him, then finished with a reverse dunk. Immediately afterwards, DeShawn Stevenson committed a terrible turnover, giving the ball right to Wade. The Heat got out on the break and LeBron James floated to the basket, giving Wade an easy alley-oop target. Wade threw the lob and James put in the lay-up, causing Rick Carlisle to call timeout.

As of that timeout, Miami are on a 15-1 run. Dallas were well in control of the game just five minutes of game time ago, but they really need to sort themselves out.

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