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Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat Go On 13-0 Run; Put In The Dagger And Twist

There are just over seven minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 2, but Dwyane Wade has just stuck the dagger into the Dallas Mavericks and twisted. Thanks to his transition three-pointer with 7:14 remaining, putting Miami ahead by 15 points and causing Rick Carlisle to call timeout, this game feels as good as over.

Wade has 36 points, and this has been what can only be described as a career night for him. His dunks and his drives to get to the free throw line have been impressive, but the transition three that he hit just now was the most impressive shot of the night. This one is safe to call already. It's in the books. Over.

That seems harsh to say about a team that has Dirk Nowitzki, but there's no reason to believe that the Mavericks have any answer for Wade right now. Additionally, LeBron James has been average by his standards tonight, and if Dallas makes things interesting, he will likely take over the game. Miami are on a 13-0 run, and it wouldn't be shocking to see that extended.

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