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Heat Vs. Mavericks Final Score, Game 2: Clutch Dirk Nowitzki Plays Complete Unbelievable Comeback

The Dallas Mavericks have completed one of the most incredible and improbable comebacks in the history of the NBA Finals, winning Game 2 of the 2011 NBA Finals by a final score of 95-93. To win the game, Dallas had to come back from a 15 point deficit with seven minutes remaining, something that looked downright impossible at the end of Miami's run. Dallas looked downright terrible during Miami's 13-0 run, which culminated in a spectacular three-point basket by Dwyane Wade. However, the Mavs fought back improbably, and they'll be thrilled with their away split as they head home to Dallas.

Dirk Nowitzki was the man who lead his team to the win, scoring his team's final nine points. During Game 1 and the first three quarters of Game 2, the Mavericks failed to get Nowitzki the ball in positions to score, and he looked either unwilling or unable to create his own shot. Everything changed at the end of the game, though, as Nowitzki took over as a part of his team's 22-5 run to close out the game.

With under 30 seconds remaining and the game tied at 90-90, Dallas took the lead thanks to a great screen by Tyson Chandler, a great shot by Dirk Nowitzki, and some terrible defense by the heat. Chandler's screen created a wide open three-point shot for Nowitzki, who predictably hit, putting the Mavs up 93-90.

It took mere seconds for the Heat to tie it up after calling a timeout, then running a play off the inbounds pass. LeBron James was the inbounding player, so the entire Mavs defense focused on Dwyane Wade. As a result, Mario Chalmers got into the corner completely unguarded and James found him. Chalmers knocked down the shot, tying the game up at 93-93. Unfortunately, this put the game back in Nowitzki's hands.

It appeared as if the Mavs wanted to set up Nowitzki for a jump shot, but the Heat went out of their way to prevent him from getting a good one. Taking what the defense was giving him, Nowitzki took the ball to the hole and made a relatively uncontested lay-up, giving his team the lead. With seven seconds left and no timeout, Dwyane Wade pushed up the floor by himself, but was unable to create a quality shot. The buzzer sounded and the scoreboard showed 95-93 Mavericks, completing one of the best comebacks in recent NBA Finals history.

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