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NBA Draft 2011: Cavaliers Reportedly Commit To Kyrie Irving With No. 1 Pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers have committed to taking Duke point guard Kyrie Irving No. 1 overall, reports ESPN's Ric Bucher. Bucher is not ESPN's draft expert nor is he based in Cleveland or Durham. Bucher's colleague Chad Ford has not reported that Cleveland's mind has been made, but the popular consensus since April has been that Irving would be the top pick in the draft.

The Cavaliers have the No. 1 and No. 4 picks in the 2011 NBA Draft, which is scheduled for Thursday. There has been consideration of the idea the Cavaliers could take Arizona forward Derrick Williams No. 1 and look to take a point guard like Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker with the No. 4 pick. But the drop-off from Irving to Walker or Knight is mighty steep.

The No. 1 pick actually belonged to the Los Angeles Clippers, but L.A. included it (unprotected) in a deal to unload Baron Davis on the Cavs. The Clippers took back Mo Williams in the deal.

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