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NBA Mock Draft 2011: DraftExpress Has Cavaliers Opting For Enes Kanter Over Jonas Valanciunas

The latest 2011 NBA Mock Draft from renowned DraftExpress has the Cleveland Cavaliers opting for Enes Kanter, a Turkish center who hasn't played competitive basketball in more than a year, over Lithuanian center Jonas Valanciunas at No. 4 based on a buyout issue with the latter.

Valanciunas will not be able to leave his Lithuanian club Lietuvos Rytas to join the NBA in the 2011-12 season under a buyout agreement being finalized. Teams looking for immediate help, then, could pass on the talented, promising center in favor of a prospect ready to play for the NBA team that drafts him. DraftExpress' Jonathan Givony counts the Cavaliers among that group.

This makes Kanter a much more attractive option at No. 4, as Cleveland would like to see improvement as soon as possible, even if that means taking the less talented long-term prospect.

Givony also reports that the Cavaliers have been among the most active teams heading into the draft, which is Thursday evening in Newark, N.J.