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NBA Draft Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Entertaining Trade Offers For Tony Parker

According to a report at Yahoo! Sports, the San Antonio Spurs are entertaining offers for Tony Parker ahead of Thursday's 2011 NBA Draft. The Spurs have already spoken to multiple teams who hold lottery picks, including the Toronto Raptors and the Sacramento Kings. Parker is 29 years old and, in theory, should have plenty of good years left. However, he didn't look like the Tony Parker of old during the playoffs, and the Spurs are a team that needs to get younger.

The Spurs have supposedly also received offers for younger backup point guard George Hill, around the back end of the lottery. It could all be smoke and mirrors at this point, but the rumor mill seems to point to the San Antonio Spurs having one less point guard and one more lottery draft pick by the time Thursday's draft rolls around.

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