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Eric Maynor Trade Sought By Thunder To Land High NBA Draft Pick, According To Report

The Oklahoma City Thunder are offering back-up point guard Eric Maynor in attempt to trade up for a high pick in Thursday's 2011 NBA Draft, reports ESPN's Chad Ford. Maynor was the No. 20 pick of the Utah Jazz in the deep 2009 NBA Draft, and has excelled in his role in both Salt Lake and OKC. The Jazz traded him to the Thunder in his rookie season to sweeten a cap dump involving Matt Harpring and escape a big luxury tax bill.

Ford reports that OKC has offered Maynor to the Sacramento Kings, who pick No. 7 in Thursday's draft, and the Charlotte Bobcats, who pick No. 9 and No. 19. The Kings are believed to be interested in adding a point guard to help Tyreke Evans run the Sacramento offense, but UConn star Kemba Walker should be available at that pick, and it's hard to see the Kings pulling the trigger on that trade without further sweetener -- possibly the Thunder's No. 24 pick.

Similarly, while the Bobcats could pick up a guard like Walker in the draft, trading for a non-star point guard with D.J. Augustin already in place seems unlikely.

Ford reports that the Thunder are interested in Lithuanian center Jonas Valanciunas, who is expected to be taken in the top 10.