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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Offering Draft Picks To Pistons To Move Up For Tristan Thompson, Bismack Biyombo

The Houston Rockets have offered their No. 14 and No. 23 picks in Thursday's 2011 NBA Draft in a trade with the Detroit Pistons, reports Ken Berger of CBS Sports. The Rockets are looking to grab the No. 8 pick and a chance to pick Texas power forward Tristan Thompson or Congolese center-forward Bismack Biyombo, says Berger.

The Rockets have been locked in rumors with the Milwaukee Bucks in recent days, but the object of Houston's affection was seen to be Lithuanian center Jonas Valanciunas. But there's growing consensus that Valanciunas could be off of the board at No. 4 to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Pistons have reportedly been interested in both Thompson and Biyombo. It's highly unlikely Biyombo would fall to No. 14, and it'd take an upset for Thompson to get that far, especially if the big men fly off the board as is now expected. Houston recently hired Kevin McHale as head coach, and has a solid backcourt in Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry but just one above-average big man (Luis Scola).