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2011 NBA Mock Draft: DraftExpress Drops Kemba Walker To No. 12

Two major prospects are dropping fast in the last round of 2011 NBA Mock Drafts, and one is touted Final Four Most Oustanding Player Kemba Walker from UConn. In its latest mock, DraftExpress slots Walker to the Utah Jazz at No. 12, far below where the Husky had been projected over the past few months.

The concern with Walker's stock is that few teams in the lottery appear to be looking for point guards. The Jazz and Toronto Raptors definitely need young point guards, but Utah has apparently become enamored of Enes Kanter, a skilled big man, and the Raptors are considering Bismack Biyombo, an athletic defender. Even if either opts for a guard first, Ketucky point guard Brandon Knight expects to come off of the board first.

If Knight falls to the Sacramento Kings at No. 7, the Charlotte Bobcats at No. 9 would seem to be the only other option for Walker in the top 10. The Bobcats would seem to need a big man or athletic wing more than a small guard, but Charlotte management reportedly likes Walker a lot (and for good reason).

Wherever Walker falls, it'll be one of the biggest stories of the night ... especially with Jay Bilas and Dick Vitale chiding teams that pass him up.