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NBA Draft Rumors: Cavaliers Interested In Third High Pick, Could Deal Ramon Sessions

The Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in picking up a third top-10 pick in Thursday's 2011 NBA Draft, reports ESPN's Chad Ford. Ford reports that the Cavs are lobbying the Sacramento Kings and Detroit Pistons for salary cap trades to take either the No. 7 or No. 8 pick.

The suggest deal with the Kings would include the Cavaliers absorbing Francisco Garcia's contract, which is annoying but not terribly obnoxious. Ramon Sessions would go to Sacramento, and the Cavs have add to their coterie of draft picks. The Pistons deal could include a bigger contract like Charlie Villanueva.

The rumored Kings deal would play awful in Sacramento, where the Kings already have more cap space than any team in the league and where fans are anxious about the Maloofs' finances and ability to fund the pending rebirth of the franchise. The Pistons could use the cap space, however, as Joe Dumars attempts to improve the team under new ownership.