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NBA Trade Rumors: Magic, Blazers Discuss Swapping Jameer Nelson And Andre Miller, According To Report

After initially seeing their reported offer for Tony Parker fall apart, the Portland Trail Blazers may have set their eyes on another point guard on a contending team. The latest NBA trade rumor, via Draft Express, has the Blazers sending Andre Miller and their No. 21 overall pick to the Orlando Magic for Jameer Nelson.

The Blazers would be getting a point guard who more fits their team, since Nelson is an excellent jump shooter. He also has a fairly affordable contract, with one more year at $7.8 million and a player option for $7.8 million in 2012/13. Nelson, though, hasn't quite been the same player since he injured his shoulder during a breakout season in 2008/09.

For the Magic, this appears to be a money-saving move, though they have been rumored to be after Miller in the past. Miller's contract is fully ungaranteed for next season, so if Orlando doesn't want him, they can waive him and save $7.8 million from their increasingly large payroll. However, general manager Otis Smith has long been a Nelson fan. It remains to be seen if that has changed.

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