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Jameer Nelson NBA Trade Rumor To Portland Trail Blazers May Be A Salary Dump For Orlando Magic

The NBA trade rumor from Draft Express that has Jameer Nelson getting dealt to the Portland Trail Blazers for Andre Miller and the No. 21 overall pick appears to have some legs. Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post checks in with a source who could say nothing about the rumor.

The rumored swap of veteran point guards would appear to make sense for both sides for a few reasons, which I'll discuss in more depth if the trade happens.

A source I consulted could neither confirm nor deny Givony's report.

That makes it sound like something might be brewing. If so, the motivation could be financial on Orlando's part.

The Magic would have two options if this trade goes through. They could keep Miller and have him play point guard, or they could immediately release him and save his $7.8 salary next year. Miller's contract is fully unguaranteed if he's waived before June 29, according to Sham Sports. If the Magic elect to waive him, they will save $7.8 million next year and potentially another $7.8 million in 2012/13 (Nelson has a player option). Since Orlando is expected to be over the luxury tax, cutting Miller would net them $15.6 million in savings for next season under the current CBA. If the CBA changes and a hard cap comes, cutting Miller would help Orlando get closer to that figure.

Of course, it would also leave the Magic without a point guard, but the money savings might be too good to pass up.

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