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Bismack Biyombo Buyout Could Affect 2011 NBA Draft Stock, According To Report

Bismack Biyombo, a popular lottery pick for Thursday's 2011 NBA Draft, has a buyout with Spanish team Fuenlabrada of $1.5 million, reports ESPN's Andy Katz. Under FIBA rules, Biyombo won't be able to sign an NBA contract until the buyout issue is settled. Given that under the current NBA rookie scale most of Biyombo's salary would have to go to the buyout, and that NBA teams can only contribute $500,000 toward a buyout, the issue could keep the Congolese big man out of the NBA for a season.

It's unclear whether Biyombo's Fuenlabrada contract extends beyond 2012.

Biyombo has been mentioned as a possibility for the Toronto Raptors at No. 5 and the Detroit Pistons at No. 8. It seems unlikely he falls too much further unless teams get skittish about the buyout; he understandably has fans throughout the lottery. In April, the 18-year-old has the first triple-double in Nike Hoop Summit history.