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NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks Offer Josh Smith For No. 2 Pick, Want Enes Kanter

The Atlanta Hawks have offered forward Josh Smith to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a prospective trade for the No. 2 pick in Thursday's 2011 NBA Draft, reports Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski. With that No. 2 pick, the Hawks are reportedly interested in Turkish big man Enes Kanter.

Atlanta has made Smith available in recent weeks, according to reports, with rumored discussions with the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics drawing sunlight. The Hawks have huge salary obligations, and Smith is considered move tradable than Joe Johnson and less vital than Al Horford, both of whom are owed more salary than Smith.

Smith wouldn't seem to be a great fit in Minnesota, though the Wolves desperately need defense and Smith remains one of the league's very best shotblockers despite a height of just 6'9. The problem with Smith is exactly the problem with Derrick Williams, many pundits' choice as the second-best player in the draft: he plays the same position as Kevin Love. Smith could slot at small forward, where the Wolves have Michael Beasley, but that might not be the optimal spot for him.

The Hawks do not currently have a first-round pick.

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