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Donnie Walsh Resignation As New York Knicks Team President Leads To Isiah Thomas Speculation

Donnie Walsh's decision to resign as the New York Knicks' team president, effective July 1, has alarmed most Knicks fans who attributed the team's recent mini-revival to him. It also cued up speculation that Isiah Thomas, the hated former Knicks' general manager who somehow remains close to owner James Dolan, would swoop back in and become the Knicks' GM again.

It's only speculation, but for Knicks fans, it's reasonable speculation for two reasons. First of all, despite Dolan's insistence to the contrary, Thomas is widely reported to have played a major role in getting the Carmelo Anthony trade done. He was also reportedly involved in the free-agent pursuit of Amar'e Stoudemire, though Stoudemire denied the report. Regardless, it remains fairly clear that Thomas is involved in some capacity in key Knicks decisions, even if not officially.

More importantly, the man promoted to interim GM in Walsh's absence is Glen Grunwald. Grunwald and Thomas are very close. Thomas hired him when he was the president of the Toronto Raptors, and did the same when he first took over the Knicks. The Knicks could have made someone like assistant general manager Allan Houston or director of pro player personnel and former Denver Nuggets GM Mark Warkentein the interim replacement, but chose Grunewald instead. 

None of this definitively means Thomas will swoop in again, but both are discouraging signs for Knicks fans hoping to move on from Thomas once and for all.