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NBA Lockout: Players More United Than 1998, Says Antawn Jamison

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Don't expect the players to respond to the 2011 NBA Lockout in the same way they did during the 1998-99 work stoppage, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Antawn Jamison said on the eve of the lockout. Jamison explained (via USA Today):

"You had guys saying one thing and you had other guys going behind their back and saying another thing," Jamison said. "The owners knew then they eventually would buckle."

Eventually the players did give in and then played a 50-game season. What will be far more interesting during the lockout is not news of endless negotiations without any real updates, but stories of what the players will be doing during the lockout. As Jamison points out:

"You're going to hear stories about guys that didn't save their money and so forth, but I think collectively guys have done a good job being prepared for this lockout."

Recall in 1998 that then-Boston Celtics guard Kenny Anderson had to think about selling one of his Mercedes by Oct. 1998. It certainly does appear that the players are well prepared for this lockout.

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