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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Puts On Highlight Show With NBA All-Stars In The Philippines

Kobe Bryant and a team of NBA All-Stars took their talents to the Philippines this weekend to put on a show against a team made up of local players while waiting for the NBA lockout to end.

Fortunately for Bryant, he showed that he might have a future with either the Harlem Globetrotters or the And-1 Mixtape if the owners and players are unable to come to an agreement sometime soon. 

Bryant scored 12 points as he joined Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, JaVale McGee, James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Derrick Williams and Lakers teammate Derek Fisher in completing an expected 131-105 rout over the local Filipino players.

Those 12 points seem to have been vintage Kobe, however, as he "turned back time, throwing down three sensational alley-oop slams as if he were still a hotshot 18-year-old rookie" according to Jaemark Tordecilla of InterAKTV.

The Youtube highlights currently available don't exactly show that Bryant turned back the hands of time, but the moves put on before the fadeaway jumper he nails in this video makes it easy to understand how he was easily able to impress everyone in attendance.

Bryant also showed his ability to be a willing passer, serving up an alley-oop to reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose before sitting out the fourth quarter to concentrate on his coaching duties. That video is embedded below, but be careful -- as seen in the video, parental guidance is suggested (assuming due to the nastiness of the throwdown, but one can never be too sure with these NBA players!).

It doesn't look like this is shown anywhere on American television, but Bryant and company will play again at 1 p.m. on Sunday in the Philippines. Judging by the above highlights, it might be worth trying to find somewhere to watch it.