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NBA Lockout: Players' Union VP Roger Mason: 'Both Sides Want To Make A Deal'

As the NBA Lockout continues to throw the future of professional basketball into flux, ESPN NY’s Jared Zwerling got a chance to speak with NBA players’ union vice president Roger Mason Jr. to find out his take on the lockout.

While Mason admits that the two sides are “far apart,” he does think both sides are working towards a common goal.

They know where we stand and we know where the NBA stands, and I think the biggest thing now is rolling our sleeves up and trying to work through it. It’s always positive to know that both sides want to make a deal. I don’t think anybody wants this to last throughout the whole year, so I guess that’s the biggest positive you can take from it.

Mason also says that, while the union doesn’t question whether or not 22 NBA teams lost money last year, it does question whether or not the current system is the true culprit.