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Deron Williams' Contract In Turkey To Be Paid By Sponsor, According To Report

Deron Williams' reported $200,000-a-month contract to play for Turkish club team Besiktas during the NBA lockout will apparently be paid by a sponsor, according to Besiktas coach Ergin Ataman. Ataman revealed the news in an interview with Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick. This means that the club itself will not be spending a dime on Williams directly and could pursue a similar arrangement to lure other American stars like Kobe Bryant.

Ataman declined to reveal the specific company that is sponsoring Williams, only saying it's one club president Yildirim Demiroren knows.

The president has many companies, and is one of the biggest industry [men] in Turkey, so he will decide which of these companies will sponsor for these players.

Ataman said this is a "special situation" and not a part of Besiktas' normal budget. He also said that a similar path would be used to lure Kobe Bryant to Turkey.

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