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VIDEO: Dennis Rodman's Moving Hall Of Fame Speech

We were all waiting to see what Dennis Rodman would come up with during his Hall of Fame speech, and he delivered in a big way. This wasn't The Worm or some big show -- well, except for the outfit and the wardrobe change -- but instead was a passionate speech filled with substance. It was Dennis Rodman's chance to take the floor and tell us all a story. And boy did he tell a story.

Here's Rodman's Hall of Fame speech, delivered on Friday night at the close of the induction ceremony.

Dennis Rodman 2011 Hall Of Fame Speech (VIDEO) by 3030fm

Via Jose3030

The speech had a bit of everything, including a look at his childhood and his love of the game. Rodman said basketball saved him from the streets, from being a drug dealer or from something even worse. His childhood was troubled, his father was absentee and basketball was his outlet -- something that remained constant throughout his life.

But the basketball aspects weren't the important part of his speech. Rodman stood in front of a large audience, both in attendance and watching on TV, and admitted he regretted his failings as a father, son and husband. He laid everything out there for the world and used his moment to, basically, apologize to those whom he was close to and hurt.

After listening to his speech, I'll be standing in line to watch his documentary.