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How Dennis Rodman Signed With Chicago Bulls

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In light of Dennis Rodman's incredibly powerful Basketball Hall of Fame speech, it's absolutely worth passing along the story of how Rodman ended up signing with the Chicago Bulls in 1995. Clarence Gaines, a former scout and executive with the team during those years, told this story over Twitter on Friday night.

After it was decided that D-Rod was going to be part of the team, he went to his hotel next door to the Berto Center. [Jerry] Krause was hoping that D-Rod would be content with staying at the hotel, but D-Rod wanted to go out and celebrate. I've written about it before,but I was drafted to shepherd D-Rod & Jack Haley around town. First place we went was to a night club called the Crowbar. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was in the house that night & sung a few songs. Dennis soon tired of the Crowbar & decided he wanted to go to a strip joint nearby. Off we went to the strip joint. D-Rod, Haley & me. Now that was an experience & an interesting night to say the least. Next day, we signed Dennis and the rest is history.

Yup, sounds like Rodman to me.