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Dwight Howard Wants Orlando Magic Fans To Be Louder

Dwight Howard wants Orlando Magic fans to get louder, claiming they don't really show up until the playoffs. That's the symptom. The cause, as Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel notes, is that the Magic's brand-new Amway Center, while nice, has shifted the hardcore fans up higher and jacked up the prices of the seats closest to the court.

If this sounds like a common NBA problem -- old arena gets torn down to build bigger, newer arena that brings in more money, but prices out the hardcore fans -- it is. Nevertheless, Howard, in response to a Twitter follower wondering whether his Magic team lost the passion of previous editions last season, turned it back around on him.

That's not good cuz I sense that. And that upsets me cuz I don't wait till the playoffs to play hard. I give y'all my best everynite. Y becuz some people don't get a chance to be at everygame. And I want them to always remember the nite they saw me play. So. I play for y'all. I feed off the fans. ESP at home. It's a different atmosphere in the playoffs at the arena. That same atmosphere should be during the season.

It's a fair point, but it's a somewhat pointless one too. It's kind of like wondering why teachers make so little money when they are more important to a child's development than people like Dwight Howard. Sure, it's probably unfair, but life's unfair. When your team moves into a swanky new arena, you're going to lose some of that fan passion. Deal with it and play.

Howard's allowed to think how he wants, but considering he makes $18 million to play a game and has been non-committal about signing a contract extension to stay in Orlando for the long haul, it's pretty bad timing. I'm guessing Magic fans who are worried Howard will leave them will not take too kindly to these remarks.