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Dan Gilbert Is Mad At The Internet, Making Up Words

We're not sure who Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is mad at, but we're going to assume it's the entire Internet. But, as we've seen before, Gilbert can never be mad without just dripping irony all over the place.

Some of these NBA 'bloggissists' flat-out make stuff up and then try to dupe readers into believing their fiction is real. Sad & pathetic.

To recap: Gilbert just made up a word while accusing bloggers of making things up to dupe readers. Some of these NBA ownerrissists and their fiction is just sad and pathetic.

But, really, bloggissists? Couldn't he come up with something better? For example:

Bloggistas, bloggassins, bloggartists, bloggartistas, bloggaires, bloggeeks, bloggeers, bloggucers, bloggiteers, bloggantics, bloggins, bloggettes, bloggles ... bloggers.

See, that wasn't so hard? Next thing you know, Gilbert will be mad at us for making up words and hurtful pieces of fiction. Us bloggiteers just can't win here.