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Marco Belinelli Bought Nike's Back To The Future Shoes For Over $15,000

Marco Belinelli isn't exactly a well-known NBA player here in America, especially when considering his biggest claim to fame probably comes via his performance at the 2007 NBA Summer League. The New Orleans Hornets shooting guard is quite the big deal in his home country of Italy, however.

Now, thanks to owning Nike's Air Mags -- the kicks in the style of the same shoes Marty McFly wore during Back to the Future 2 --  Belinelli has probably staked the claim as coolest Italian professional athlete with his purchase of the only pair of the high-tech shoes outside of the United States. 

Belinelli won the shoes for $15,120 at an auction in Milan, the first pair sold outside of the United States.

While the price tag seems a bit high, it's worth nothing that the proceeds are going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation focused on research related to Parkinson's Disease research -- as worthy of cause as any for an NBA athlete to spend over $15,000 for a pair of shoes.