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PHOTO: Al Harrington Has A Smart Chimpanzee

As the NBA's endless summer continues, we're learning more and more about the characters we see on the court, and it's been a blessing. Some of the newfound nuggets of knowledge are trivial, others are intriguing and some are just downright awesome. The following fits all three bills: Al Harrington has a chimpanzee.

This just can't be made up. I'm going to assume it's his, because it's just awesome, but even if the chimpanzee is a temporary companion, it's still the best pet story ever. Just picture Harrington hanging out with his buddy, Mr. Chimps, playing cards or, perhaps, Scrabble.

Need help imagining it? How about a photo!


See? Isn't that adorable.

The photo comes from Jermaine O'Neal who adds, "At my boy al harrington crib and there is the smartest chimp I ever seen over here! Wow!"