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NBA 2k12 Intro Video Is Amazing; Showcases Patrick Ewing's Three-Point Shooting

NBA 2k12 will be released early next week, with or without an ending to the NBA lockout over the weekend. Until the lockout is over, the game won't include this year's rookie class -- a fact that is made a bit less of a gamebreaker when remembering that the game's developers included a rather robust roster of NBA legends.

Yes, you looked at those rosters right -- this year's basketball game will feature three (3!) different versions of new Reno Bighorns head coach Paul Mokeski. If that doesn't sell you on buying the game, however, the introductory video that runs every time the game is started probably will.

[Video thanks to the guys over at Operation Sports]

In actually, the entire video is glorious -- from Dennis Rodman fighting with Dwyane Wade for a loose ball to Hakeem Olajuwon Dream Shaking Tim Duncan out of his sneakers -- but the part that caught my eye on first view was the shot of Patrick Ewing nailing a three-pointer from the corner.

Considering that Ewing hit just 19 of his 125 attempted 3-pointers during his Hall of Fame career, one would probably assume that it wasn't very realistic to showcase the former New York Knicks big man nailing a long-range jumper. Consider it was a re-enactment of his big shot over the Boston Celtics during the 1990 NBA Playoffs, however, and it shows just how into the details the game's creators were when putting everything together.

The game will officially be released next Tuesday. If the lockout isn't solved over the weekend, it's probably worth picking up, too, if for nothing else than to stave off the clamoring for an NBA regular season for as long as we're forced to wait.