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Your NBA Lockout Update: There's No Hope At All, But Maybe There Is

After today's NBA Lockout meetings, where both sides were fighting to save the NBA, VP of the Players Association Roger Mason, Jr. sent out a tweet that might just be the most positive sign we've seem from the bargaining thus far.

The New York Times' Howard Beck caught it first:


Then our hopes came crashing back to earth.


So, yeah... The original tweet has since been deleted, there is no Santa Claus, and we're all gonna die. But there's still some room for hope in all this, and here's why:

1. Every time a celebrity claims their Twitter was hacked, it's a lie. Maybe some celebrity somewhere has actually been the victim of faceless hackers off in the internet netherworld, but 99 percent of the time you hear somebody claim they were hacked, they're lying. Related: Who in the world would ever think to hack Roger Mason's Twitter account?

2. Using the transitive property, then, it's fair to conclude that since "hacking excuse" means "lying" then "Roger Mason's hacking excuse" means he really typed it.

3. The end of Roger Mason's original tweet ended with "how u." As in, "Looking like a season. How u". This sounds like a text message, or, since he was on Twitter, probably a Direct Message. In other words, it sounds like Roger Mason Jr. felt optimistic after Wednesday's bargaining session, then saw a DM from one of his friends asking about the progress, and he responded by saying that it's looking like there'll be an NBA season. 

There's no way I'm going to jinx this, but maybe possibly there could be—HOW U?