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Carmelo Anthony Injury: Knicks Forward Leaves Game With Sprained Right Ankle

Carmelo Anthony has left and will return to the Knicks-Grizzlies game with a right ankle sprain, the team announced.

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An uncomfortably shaky start for the New York Knicks could get a lot worse in a hurry after All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony left the game against the Memphis Grizzlies in the third quarter after he rolled his ankle. It was announced minutes later that he had a sprained right ankle and would not return to the game. It was also announced that Anthony would be undergoing X-rays in the locker room.

Anthony had previously injured what appeared to be his left arm or wrist earlier in the game, but he stayed in and sank two long jump shots to assuage any concerns that it would affect his play. He could not, apparently, play through his ankle injury. The injury was an ugly one; he stepped awkwardly scrambling for a loose ball and the ankle rolled all the way until it touched the ground.

'Melo is leading the Knicks in scoring with 26.6 points a game entering the Grizzlies match. He's also leading the team with 4.5 assists per game, which probably speaks more to the Knicks' problems at point guard than his passing ability. Regardless, the Knicks offense hasn't been terrific when Anthony's been on the floor, but it's been terrible without him in the game all season. This game has been no different, as the Knicks quickly went down by more than 20 without him.

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