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Dwyane Wade Injury: Miami Heat Guard Leaves After Rolling Ankle

Dwyane Wade left Friday night's matchup between the Nuggets and Heat after rolling his ankle.

Getty Images

Dwyane Wade left Friday night's matchup between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets midway through the fourth quarter after rolling his right ankle in gruesome fashion. Wade got tangled up in the lane, and as a result his ankle bent at quite the awkward ankle. The injury forced him out of the game and into the locker room for further evaluation.

For a visual aid, we turn to Bubba Prog, who caught this screencap of Wade rolling his ankle.



And video of the injury courtesy of BlazersEdge.

It certainly looks bad, but the extent of his ankle injury is still not yet known. Wade has yet to return to the game and was diagnosed with a sprained ankle -- a placeholder at the moment, more or less.

Prior to the injury, Wade had scored 12 points in 28 minutes as the Heat tried to catch up to the Nuggets, who have stayed one step ahead throughout the night. More on his injury as it becomes available.

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