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Thunder Vs. Wizards: Hallelujah! The Wiz Have Won Again!

The Washington Wizards somehow, some way beat the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Washington Wizards picked up their second win of the season in stunning fashion on Wednesday, beating the superlative Oklahoma City Thunder 105-102 at home. Washington shot just 38 percent from the floor while OKC shot 48 percent, but advantages on three-pointers, from the line and especially on the glass led the Wizards to sweet, improbable victory.

The Wiz are now 2-12. OKC falls to 12-3.

The Wizards picked up 19 of 56 offensive rebound opportunities, while holding OKC to six in 39 opportunities. The disparity (along with parity in turnover figures) allowed Washington 15 more shooting possessions than the Thunder.

John Wall sprung for 25 points (13 from the line), eight assists, seven rebounds and three turnovers. Nick Young added 24 points and shot 5-10 on three-pointers. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook scored huge for the Thunder (33 and 36 points, respectively), but KD committed seven turnovers, the pair combined to shoot 2-12 on threes and the starting five gave up a grip of offensive rebounds to the Wiz.

In other action:

Hawks 92, Blazers 89: Atlanta led for all but brief moments in this game, and Jamal Crawford's late spurt against his old team wasn't enough to draw the game even in the final moments. Joe Johnson scored 24 points with seven rebounds and five assists.

Celtics 96, Raptors 73: Boston's defense is back, baby! Oh ... they played a Raptors team missing Andrea Bargnani? Nevermind.

Wolves 93, Pistons 85: Ricky Rubio had nine points, seven rebounds, eight assists and six steals. Holy Rajon Rondo, Batman.

Nets 107, Warriors 100: New Jersey got strong performances from three starters -- Deron Williams (24-10-8), Kris Humphries (18-15) and MarShon Brooks (22-6-8) -- to beat Golden State. Monta Ellis' 30 points, six steals and five assists came in vain.

Grizzlies 93, Hornets 87: Marc Gasol, man. Twenty-two points, 12 rebounds, seven assists. He's good.

Kings 92, Pacers: How did Sacramento win despite shooting 30 percent for the game, including 6-25 in a fourth quarter the Kings entered trailing by 14 points? Good question! Neither team could rebound defensively worth a damn and both struggled from long-range, but the edge for Sacramento came at the line (28 made FTs vs. 19) and in turnovers (12 to 18). The Kings resorted to a zone defense in the fourth, and it forced Indiana into 3-16 shooting with nine turnovers.