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VIDEO: Michael Beasley Injures His Finger, Thinks He Can See The Bone

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley was subbed out at the end of the Minnesota Timberwolves game on Sunday night with a peculiar injury. The Timberwolves had already cinched up a 17-point victory over the visiting Dallas Mavericks when Beasley went to the bench after catching a pass from teammate Kevin Love.

The injury didn't seem severe when it happened during the game, but the forward exclaimed a profanity when he went to the bench, according to lip reading done to the best of my abilities, before uttering something nobody should ever need to say:

"Holy S---! That's my bone!"

It turned out the injury wasn't as bad as it first looked, however, as Beasley clarified what happened to the Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda:

Beasley on lacerated index finger that needed 5 stitches: "I thought it was the bone. According to them, I guess it was just flesh and fat."

There's no indication if Beasley will be forced to miss any games due to the laceration, but at least he didn't have to actually see his finger bone.