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Kobe Bryant Will Give Ex-Wife $75 Million In Assets, According To Report

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Kobe Bryant is not having the best week to follow up on the four consecutive 40-point games the Los Angeles Lakers superstar had last week. Bryant made just 15 of his 43 shot attempts this week as the Lakers split a pair of games on the court ... and then found out he'll have to give his wife, Vanessa, a cool $75 million in assets following their divorce.

Kobe and Vanessa didn't sign the oft-talked about prenuptial agreement, entitling the latter to half of the basketball superstar's assets. Gossip site TMZ reports that's nearly exactly what Vanessa received as she takes ownership of three separate houses.

Vanessa is walking away with $75 million, which we're told represents close to half of their total assets, estimated at around $150 million.

Vanessa gets the estate the couple was living in, the estate her mom is living in, and she gets the new estate that had been under construction for 2 years and was just completed. We were told Kobe was moving into the new estate, but that's not true. It's Vanessa's crib, lock stock and barrel.

It remains to be seen what exactly Kobe is living in right now considering Vanessa seems to have picked up all of their living areas, but it's safe to say he's probably not out on the streets considering he's made over $200 million in salary alone. Still, Brant can't be happy knowing a simple prenup would have likely allowed him to avert this disaster ... though he'll likely take out his frustration on future opponents.

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