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Sources: Geoff Petrie's Tenure With Kings Could Be Ending Soon

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The Sacramento Kings' owners have recently considered hiring a replacement for longtime personnel boss Geoff Petrie.

The Maloofs, who own the Sacramento Kings, have recently considered relieving longtime president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie of his position, multiple sources have told Sactown Royalty and No move to replace Petrie, who has been the team's only personnel boss for the entirety of the Maloofs' ownership of the Kings, is imminent, but the family has, according to sources, reached out to a management agent within the past two weeks with eyes on lining up a successor.

The Maloofs' own future with the club and the city remain in doubt. The family was prepared to file for relocation last spring before NBA commissioner David Stern pushed for one more year for Sacramento to put together an arena funding plan. The Maloofs eventually declined to file for relocation to Anaheim after two extensions of the league's deadline. If Sacramento does not produce a funding plan by March 1, the Kings are expected to move to Anaheim for the 2012-13 season.

The Kings' front office include Petrie's son Mike, his longtime deputy Wayne Cooper and former NBA All-Star Shareef Abdur-Rahim. There was once an outsider in the front office -- former player agent Jason Levien -- but he split with the Kings in 2010 due to reported conflicts with Petrie. He is now involved in the Philadelphia 76ers' ownership group.

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