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John Lucas, Brian Scalabrine Remember LeBron James' Dunk Differently

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WASHINGTON — Really, John Lucas is right. Why should he be embarrassed about that LeBron James dunk video that went viral after the Heat forward completely hurdled the diminutive guard?

"I'm 5-foot-11. What they want me to do -- jump with him?" Lucas said. "That's crazy talk."

Unfortunately that doesn't make teammate Brian Scalabrine's impression of the dunk any less terrific. Yup, you definitely want to hit the jump.

"It was very impressive. Wouldn't you say, Scal?" Lucas said.

*Scalabrine gets down on all fours*

"Hey, Lebron," Scalabrine said, impersonating Lucas. "Need a boost?!"

Yup, that's about right:

Of course, Lucas wouldn't go out like that.

"It was very impressive. It was a hell of a play. But everybody gets dunked on," he said. "Scal got dunked on in the Boston game. Everybody gets dunked on.

"They throw me under the bus, I'm gonna throw somebody else beneath the bus."

In this scenario, there's only one bus -- and his name is LeBron.

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